Who are we?

Eco-energi are end to end solution providers for commercial properties that may not comply with MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) Where a property has an F or G energy rating we have an energy report, a commercial property advice report (CPAR) 


This outlines the current energy rating situation in a building and provides a great deal of detail as to what the current rating is, upgrade recommendations, budgeted costings, payback periods, projected energy savings and all necessary items required or suggested to achieve compliance to E as a minimum.


Where a solar PV system could be a suitable measure to achieve compliance, we along with our partners would arrange for the site survey to determine if everything is suitable and then undertake the design, permitting, financing and installation of a Solar PV system on business premises with no upfront cost. This is all made possible through our funding partners who are renewable energy asset investors. 

Photovoltaic Solar Panels

Lower unit price per kWh than currently paid through your utility supplier             

Capped annual inflation rate             

Protection against future energy price increases              

Improved long term financial planning           

 Long-term clean energy security             

Increased savings from day one           

Fully transferable to new occupants should you move             

Long term low energy bills attractive to prospective owners/tenants

Solar PV is not an old technology it’s always progressing; in just a decade solar panels are now 22% more efficient than they were in 2008 and in seven years the costs have fallen by 80% (Source: World Energy Council, World Energy Resources Report 2016).

In a nutshell, here are the benefits to any business owner:

How does Solar PPA work?

Install solar PV at no cost to your business

Receive a reduced rate on your electricity (typically 25% lower than standard rates) for the next 25 years through a Power Purchase Agreement; this will provide a fixed electricity rate for a portion of your supply that will only increase with Retail Price Index (RPI) for 25 years (approx 2.5% annually)


Your savings will increase year on year as electricity price rises outstrip the rate of RPI


Installing solar can benefit your buying rates for your standard power purchasing as it removes peak daytime loads so helping to shape your energy purchasing.


Benefit from a lower carbon footprint through a renewable energy supply


The system is monitored and maintained for you for 25 years at no cost to your business

After the 25 year Power Purchase Agreement comes to an end you will benefit from a free renewable electricity supply, which will lower your overall bills even further

Many solar PV systems will continue to generate after 40 years


Our panels come with a 25 year power warranty that guarantees the panels will still be producing at 80% of their original output by year 25.

The PPA Numbers

Dependant on your location in the UK and available roof space for the solar PV system will determine the rate per unit we could offer, these can range from between 9p and 12p. The real savings come in year on year as your agreed rate is linked to RPI, unlike the average grid tariff rise of c.8% by the utilities. This means if your PPA rate was 10p today, in 10 years it would only have increased to 12.8p, whereas your starting grid tariff of 13p today would have risen to 28.1p over the same period. A simple site survey and access to 12 months bills will enable us to calculate this for you.

Commercial energy rates are set to double in the next ten years and tend to do so every ten years. Solar is a great way to mitigate these risks because once you have paid for the system there are no fuel costs so the cost of electricity derived from solar is very predictable.
Unfortunately the cost of a solar install often prevents people from using this great technology.

Through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) you can benefit from reduced electricity rates for the next 25 years and hedge against these astronomical energy price rises without having to pay the costs for installing and maintaining a system

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The graph below shows an example of electricity savings with Solar PV with a PPA compared with mainstream electricity suppliers

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