Six reasons businesses should compare the energy market to find the best deal

October 2, 2017

There are many businesses in the UK that are not maximising their energy usage by switching to a supplier that offers a more favourable tariff. There are many good reasons why comparing the market is a good idea, so here are six of the best.


Reduce Bills


Different types of businesses will have very different energy costs due to the variety of factors that affect them. Some will consume a lot of energy in the natural operations of the business, while others may have a larger amount of staff who use a lot of energy between them. For this reason, it’s difficult to say exactly how much can be saved by each business type, so comparing the variety of tariffs on offer from the different energy companies can potentially reveal an opportunity to massively reduce a company’s energy expenditure.


Easier than Ever


Most people running businesses are likely rushed off their feet for most of the week, if not all of it, so finding time to sit down and search through all the different energy tariffs and calculate which one suits their company’s needs the best can be difficult. However, the many energy comparison calculators that are available online these days, such as Business Save’s own easy to use energy comparison tool, make it a much simpler task that won’t take up too much valuable time.


No Hassle


The switch itself from one energy supplier to another can take a few weeks to be completed, but it is the new energy supplier that will take care of all the necessary arrangements, leaving the business owner free to continue running the business, while looking forward to greatly reduced energy bills.


Smart Energy Use


One of the options businesses will come across when comparing energy deals is the option of installing a smart meter. These will inform the business of exactly how much energy is being used in real time, transmitting the data to the energy company so that the business is only ever charged for the exact amount of energy it consumes. This means the business can make decisions regarding energy usage which can directly affect how much they end up paying on their bills.


The British government is actually hoping to have the majority of businesses and homes in the UK using smart meters by 2020, so making an energy supplier switch is the perfect time to get involved in this nationwide energy-saving movement.


Identify the Ideal Tariff


It’s also very possible that a business doesn’t actually need to switch energy suppliers, but simply change to a different tariff that is more beneficial to the way the business operates. For example there are tariffs which charge a higher rate for morning and afternoon energy consumption, but a much lower rate for evenings and weekends. Such a tariff is obviously very beneficial to a bar or restaurant business who primarily operate during evenings and the weekends.


Green Energy 


Many businesses will benefit from being able to demonstrate to their clients and customers that they use as much renewable ‘green’ energy as possible. If a company can identify an energy supplier that is committed to supplying a significant percentage of its energy via renewable means, then switching to this supplier can give a business a boost in these modern times when environmental awareness is stronger than ever.

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