Rising Household Energy Bills and how to manage them

January 24, 2017


Consumers to face increased energy bills in 2017.


Wholesale gas and electricity prices are rising steadily (and have been since the middle of 2016).  Some media channels suggest that Brexit and a weak pound could be partly to blame for these increases.  Whatever the reason, it is now certain that consumers will feel the impact of the price rises as early as March 2017.


Wholesale gas prices up by 44%


Energy switching company Energyhelpline have confirmed that ‘Wholesale prices have been rising rapidly, with gas prices up 44% since March and electricity up 59%.  This cuts into supplier profits, and suppliers are likely to pass this on to customers’.


Take action now to combat any price rises.


John Davidson at Eco-energi reminds us that there are practical measures that can be put in place to reduce the impact of any price increases.  Firstly, homeowners and bill payers should make sure the energy tariff that they are on suits household requirements.  There are a variety of tariffs available and it is important to determine which one will give you best value for money.  For example, some households will benefit from a low rate fixed tariff.  Websites such as uSwitch and energyhelpline offer practical advice on how to do this.


Secondly, ‘as householders you can be proactive.  Take advantage of the latest energy efficiency measures that are available.  The more energy efficient your home is, the less energy is needed to keep your home running smoothly.  You will have improved efficiency and ensure that gas and electricity bills are kept to a minimum.  This is a great long term solution and will have a lasting impact on both the comfort and efficiency of your home and your future energy bills’.


Call or email the team at Eco-energi today.  Talk to us and find out how energy efficiency measures could keep your household bills under control: visit www.eco-energi.com or call us on 01344 876672


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