Energy saving ideas from Eco-energi

April 5, 2017

Save energy and save money!


Energy saving ideas from Eco-energi will help you start saving household energy right now. Not only is this good for your bank balance but you will be helping the environment too.


Could you be saving more?


Everyday energy saving measures – quick wins.

There are a huge  range of energy saving measures that you can put in place in the longer term (and we will be more than happy to talk you through them). However, team members at Eco-energi also believe in ‘quick wins’.  Here are some simple energy saving tips used by the team in their own homes that you can try today.


Start saving energy today*


Spend less time in the shower.

Just one minute less in the shower could save up to £8 per person every year.  If you have a water efficient shower head fitted this saving increases further.


Turn the lights off.
Turn off the lights even if you only leave the room for a minute or two. (You will still save more than it costs to turn the light back on again).


Get to grips with your heating controls.
Put your heating and hot water onto a timer setting so that they are only on when you need them and only heat the rooms that you are using.  If you have thermostatic radiator valves  or room thermostats you can control individual room temperatures. You can save up to £188 per year this way.


Lightbulb moment.
Changing from halogen to LED lightbulbs will save you a potential £35 each year (although there will be an initial cost when replacing the bulbs).


Quick cup of tea?
Fill the kettle with only as much water as you need for your tea or coffee.  The kettle will boil more quickly and save you about £7 each year.  Even better, if you use a bowl for the washing up rather than filling the sink you could save a surprising £30 each year. 

Find out more about the rising price of energy in 2017 and how it might affect you.


If you have more quick fix energy saving ideas, call or email the team at Eco-energi today.  


Talk to us and let us know which energy efficiency measures keep your household bills under control:

email or call today on 01344 876672


*all saving illustrations given are estimates.




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