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You could achieve 6 figure income by introducing Solar or Renewable business to


If you are in business as any of the following then we need to talk:

Installers or contractors in Energy Efficiency  or Renewables

Energy Consultant


Commercial Property Management Agent 

Or any other business providing services to Business or Commercial Buildings


Referral Programme

This year the Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff, the government incentive to reward domestic and commercial properties that generate solar electricity, will disappear and so there is much more of a resistance to pay and invest in a system that doesn’t provide the same returns.

Another significant change in the landscape is that commercial landlords cannot grant a lease or tenancy now on any commercial or residential property that has an energy rating of F or G. They have to pay for improvements in order to raise the energy rating to the required level to comply with their obligations.  All of this is following the introduction of MEES (minimum energy efficiency standards) which are in force as of 1stApril 2018.


Not only is there a tremendous and new opportunity in the commercial property market where buildings are non-compliant but also the wider commercial marketplace where businesses want to reduce their energy bills.  A solar PV installation with a power purchase agreement (PPA) could be an ideal solution to make huge savings on electricity bills and not be dependent on the mainstream energy suppliers.  The system can be installed completely FREE if a PPA is used, with full maintenance costs included. There are absolutely NO upfront costs just the obligation to purchase electricity at a new and reduced rate which is price capped.

There are almost endless types of businesses/buildings that would benefit greatly from this huge energy saving system.  Schools, factories, most commercial and industrial premises, golf clubs, sports clubs, hotels . . .


Referral Partners

We have opportunities for anyone to refer business to us, so whether you are an individual interested in promoting renewable power to homeowners or businesses or a company such as; 

an installer

Insurance broker

professional with client base


any business providing services to the SME sector you are welcome to join and start referring business and earning considerable referral commissions – become a renewable referral partner RRP.  This is a great opportunity to be involved in the promotion of clean green power initiatives and earn money for the efforts.

Renewables Referral Programme

This opportunity is available in two forms: 


You will introduce solar or renewable business to Eco-Energi and receive a commission. We have opportunities for anyone to refer business to us and to become a renewable referral partner (RRP). This is a great opportunity to be involved in the promotion of clean green power initiatives and be rewarded for your efforts.

Regional License 

You will form a business with a commercial client base, and operate part-time or full-time in energy efficiency or renewables serving the commercial market. You would have an exclusive post coded territory as a regional licensee in return for a small investment.  You would also have all the support outlined below.


The support from Eco-Energi includes access to the PPA funding for Solar PV installations and LED lighting where the client pays nothingfor the install and the building’s tenant or owner occupier enjoys much cheaper electricity bills.  

Other support includes B2B marketing, online marketing, enquiries to our web site from your post code area directed to you, any referrals in your area, marketing material, training (which is necessary in order to properly promote the various aspects of the business in your region) and experience from a company that has operated since 1997.

This is a fantastic new opportunity to get in at the start of an exciting and expanding renewable energy proposition.   

Why Renewables?

E.g; solar is much cheaper than mainstream generated power

Solar is clean green electricity

Solar can be installed free if a PPA is used

The mainstream power prices increase by approximately double every 10 years

A major nuclear project in Cumbria has been scrapped recently

The government has suspended the UK's system for ensuring a back up supply..

What does becoming a RR Partner mean? Well an example could be if we have a qualified referral for a small commercial solar system that converts to a sale the RRP fee could be £1500.


There is some training that is necessary which can be done online or face to face if traveling isn’t an issue.    

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